Authors in Suspended Days – A precious webinar with our beloved The Little Prince duo

In March 2020 Valeria Docampo wondered how to make the days spent indoors less hard and boring for her three-year-old daughter. She talked about it with Agnès de Lestrade, already co-author of The Little Prince, and she immediately replied: “Yes! Let’s do it!”

Thus was born the Inventory of Suspended Days, a handbook, a silent friend to accompany not only children but also adults to find new inspiration and positive thinking in small everyday gestures.

But now that times have really stopped, what happened to those who already worked from home? What has changed in the lives of writers and illustrators? We will talk about it with two of our greatest authors, Agnès de Lestrade and Valeria Docampo, before immersing all in the virtual fair of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. A meeting to talk between professionals, but – above all – to talk between friends from the publishing sector.

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  • Terre di mezzo

    Born in 1994, Terre di mezzo Editore is an Italian independent publisher based in Milan. We publish 100 books per year and we love to explore many and various worlds, from sustainable tourism to the discovery of different cultures, encouraging their coexistence. Our main goal is telling new powerful stories for both young and adult readers, and spreading creativity through sustainable handmade creations with our craft books.
    We also promote and organize Fa’ la cosa giusta!, the national fair of conscious consumption and sustainable lifestyles in Italy, held in Milan every March since 2004.

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