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The name says about us. Terre di mezzo (Middlelands): we like to live within borders, with kindness and determination. Passionate about the future, always available to measure ourselves with the complexity of the present time. Ask us questions. And make room for listening.

A choice that we made in 1994, when we were born, as a street newspaper. Sold by migrants and written by young professionals. Where the social, beauty and ugliness of this world found a home. Where frailty could, and can, become a resource.

A choice that we continue to make by promoting the fair “Fa’ la cosa giusta!” (Do the right thing!) on critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles, and the experiences that allow us to be close to the little ones and the least, such as La Grande Fabbrica delle Parole – free creative writing workshop for children, or La notte dei senza dimora (The Night of the Homeless), which invites citizens in the streets every year on the UN Day against Poverty.

Today Terre di mezzo Editore publishes about 70 titles a year and books are our way of telling reality and chasing utopia. Whether you are looking for the guide of a Way, the right book for your children or a manual to discover the joy of “doing with your own hands”, you have landed in the right place. Between our pages, feel free to come and go. To take what you need: an idea, a recipe, a beautiful illustration, a good practice.

And since books are a passion to be shared: fill the bike basket with illustrated books and organize a reading aloud in the park; bring the books to the school library; give a book to someone you love; post your tips on social media. If you like, come and visit us in our beautiful office here in Milan: we are waiting for you with joy.

La Redazione di #TerredimezzoEditore

In 2019 our 25th birthday was celebrated!
An article by Marta Ghezzi, in the Corriere della Sera, tells our story
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  • Terre di mezzo

    We are an indipendent publisher based in Milan, born in 1994 as a monthly street paper dealing with social information. Now we publish 70 books per year. Our interests explore many and various worlds, from sustainable tourism to the discover of different cultures, encouraging their coexistence. We love telling stories, the hidden ones as well as the colorful ones for young and adults readers, and spread creativity through sustainable handmade creations with our craft books.
    We also promote and organize Fa’ la cosa giusta!the national fair of conscious consumption and sustainable lifestyles in Italy, held in Milan every March since 2004.

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