Sonia Maria Luce Possentini

Sonia Possentini ha illustrato numerosi albi, Terre di mezzo Editore ha pubblicato “Il mio cane è come me” (2020), scritto da Letizia Iannaccone.

Ha vinto molti premi, tra cui l’Andersen (2017) e il premio Gianni Rodari (2015).

Alcuni suoi libri: “Canti dell’attesa” (Leone verde) e “Sogni con la coda” (Lapis).

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  • Terre di mezzo

    Born in 1994, Terre di mezzo Editore is an Italian independent publisher based in Milan. We publish 100 books per year and we love to explore many and various worlds, from sustainable tourism to the discovery of different cultures, encouraging their coexistence. Our main goal is telling new powerful stories for both young and adult readers, and spreading creativity through sustainable handmade creations with our craft books.
    We also promote and organize Fa’ la cosa giusta!, the national fair of conscious consumption and sustainable lifestyles in Italy, held in Milan every March since 2004.

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