The Mining Trail of Saint Barbara: everything you need to know

The mining history of Sardinia is an integral part of the ancient culture and identity of our island. The legacy that remains before everyone’s eyes today is an immense wealth of great anthropological value, which UNESCO has recognized internationally as a World Heritage Site.

The figures of the trail

  • Length: 498,7km
  • Stops: 30
  • Maximum altitude: 815m

How long is The Mining trail of Saint Barbara?

The whole circuit of the Mining trail, which starts and ends at Iglesias, is 498 kilometres long.

What are the stops of The Mining trail of Saint Barbara?

1 Iglesias ➔ Nebida 20,9
2 Nebida ➔ Masua 9,2
3 Masua ➔ Buggerru 18,8
4 Buggerru ➔ Portixeddu 9,5
5 Portixeddu ➔ Piscinas 16,2
6 Piscinas ➔ Montevecchio 18,7
7 Montevecchio ➔ Arbus 15,8
8 Arbus ➔ Perd’e Pibera 15,4
9 Perd’e Pibera ➔ Villacidro 15,6
10 Villacidro ➔ Monti Mannu 18,0
11 Monti Mannu ➔ Arenas 15,5
12 Arenas ➔ Su Mannau 13,4
13 Su Mannau ➔ San Benedetto 14,6
14 San Benedetto ➔ Case Marganai 7,3
15 Case Marganai ➔ Musei 16,4

16 Musei ➔ Orbai 17,6
17 Orbai ➔ Rosas 18,0
18 Rosas ➔ Nuxis 12,5
19 Nuxis ➔ Santadi 15,3
20 Santadi ➔ Is Zuddas 15,6
21 Is Zuddas ➔ Masainas 24,6
22 Masainas ➔ Candiani 19,3
23 Candiani ➔ Tratalias 24,0
24 Tratalias ➔ Sant’Antioco 16,9
25 Sant’Antioco ➔ Carbonia 23,4
26 Carbonia ➔ Nuraxi Figus 22,5
27 Nuraxi Figus ➔ Carloforte 11,4
28 Carloforte ➔ Portoscuso 18,8
29 Portoscuso ➔ Bacu Abis 18,8
30 Bacu Abis ➔ Iglesias 14,7

When to go

South-western Sardinia enjoys the typical Mediterranean climate that characterises the whole island. On average, the temperature is mild even in the cold season, while in the summer months it is affected by the proximity of the African continent, with rises in temperature that can reach up to 40ºC.

The dry season runs from May to September, and the rainy season from October to April; in this area there is the lowest rainfall on the island. Snow is rare and never makes issues for the practicability of the trail.

How to obtain the credential of The Mining trail of Saint Barbara?

The credential is released by the Fondazione Cammino minerario di Santa Barbara and can be requested on the website of the Cammino (2 € plus shipping costs). It can also be acquired directly at the headquarters of the Foundazione on Via Roberto Cattaneo 70 in Iglesias, or in other stores along the trail (list and addresses on the Cammino website).

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