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A world of proposals tailored to adults and children’s hands, to experience contact with nature and free time by experimenting, building, self-producing!

This is the concept at the heart of Terre di mezzo Editore craft books: books that speak about us because we are the ones who make what we read concrete. A few examples?

Create Your Own Cartoon

AUTHORS Nadia Abate, Danilo Cinciripini, Paola Paradisi

From the pre-film era to the most imaginative animation techniques, this practical handbook explores the many faces of the “moving story”. Transforming the idea into a storyboard and giving life to characters with stop-motion, pixilation, the flipbook, cut-outs, clay, sand, or the classic technique of animation.

The projects can then be filmed with a smartphone to become an actual cartoon.

Homemade Printing

Creative workshop for children of all ages
AUTHOR Elena Campa

Printing designs and patterns on paperand fabric with easily-found materials.The many techniques explained step bystep are within everybody’s grasp: fromstamps to silk-screen printing, fromto lithography.

Contemporary Art is Child’s Play

AUTHORS Elena Valdré, Giulia Volontè

An interactive alphabet book guiding young readers through the unknown field of contemporary art, in a fresh and fun way that aims to maintain the typical gaze of a child, amazed and unprejudiced, in front of a work of art.

The intent is to accompany kids in their discovery of today’s art – too often viewedas an obscure matter by adults – with a colourful, playful approach that focuseson the appealing aspects of the latest artistic expressions.Each letter refers to a key concept of contemporary art, actively involving the reader throughgames, since this is one of the best ways to understand art with the innocent eyes of a child.

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  • Terre di mezzo

    We are an indipendent publisher based in Milan, born in 1994 as a monthly street paper dealing with social information. Now we publish 70 books per year. Our interests explore many and various worlds, from sustainable tourism to the discover of different cultures, encouraging their coexistence. We love telling stories, the hidden ones as well as the colorful ones for young and adults readers, and spread creativity through sustainable handmade creations with our craft books.
    We also promote and organize Fa’ la cosa giusta!the national fair of conscious consumption and sustainable lifestyles in Italy, held in Milan every March since 2004.

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